When There’s No Sense in the Suffering: Lament

Job is one of the most confounding stories you will ever read.

It’s the story about the suffering of a man who is, by reliable sources (God, for one), a righteous man. First, Job loses essentially everything by violence and natural disaster. And then, Job himself is afflicted with a terrible skin condition.

Though Job vows to bless God’s name no matter what, Job ends up cursing the day he was born, and he curses the seeming disordered, chaotic, random, absurd nature of life. Simply put, Job wonders what to believe, think, and do when there’s no sense in the suffering.

And, oh yeah, this strange story is in the Bible (which brings up lots of other questions).

When there’s no sense in the suffering, Job gives us a hint of where we might need to begin. Lament.

This story–God’s inspired word–tells us that lament may be the prayer that lets breath back into our suffocating souls.

For more, listen to the message from July 23, 2017:

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