The Family Tree 4: Joseph

To close our reflections of Jesus’ family tree in preparation for Christmas, we looked at the last man in the family tree, Joseph. Somehow Joseph managed to get little to no publicity in spite of the fact that he was Jesus’ dad. Mary, the mother of Jesus, has received a lot of attention and rightfully […]

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The Family Tree 2: Tamar

If we look at Jesus’ family tree (in Matthew), it doesn’t take long before we see scandal. Tamar is one of four women, in addition to Mary, who is mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy, and her story is as scandalous as it gets. Tamar was trapped in an unjust situation. She was also mired in tragedy. When […]

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Family Tree: Abraham

Do you know how the New Testament begins? Jesus’ birth? His baptism? John the Baptist in the desert? The answer…a genealogy. How exciting! Actually it is when you dig into it. It says everything about who Jesus is and what his coming to earth means. Abraham is the first name listed (in Matthew’s genealogy). This […]

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The Gratitude Path 1

Saying Thank You isn’t so difficult (although even that can be a practice we neglect). Valuing the spiritual practice of gratitude is all but impossible for us. Because gratitude can’t really fuel our life of faith in Jesus, can it? And yet that is exactly what the Apostle Paul seems to suggest in his final instructions to […]

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X-MEN: the Glow of Heaven

In the summer months, there is a creature that is so common in the dark of night that we perhaps overlook its beauty. And yet we cannot overlook the firefly’s glow if we’re thinking about what it means to belong to Christ and be holy. The firefly is able to glow, in large part, because […]

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