The Family Tree 2: Tamar

If we look at Jesus’ family tree (in Matthew), it doesn’t take long before we see scandal. Tamar is one of four women, in addition to Mary, who is mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy, and her story is as scandalous as it gets. Tamar was trapped in an unjust situation. She was also mired in tragedy. When […]

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Holy Land: Making and Unmaking Myth

Jesus is a myth. I have been saying that. Subtly and subconsciously, I have been saying it. Sure, I have professed this mystery of the incarnation, you know, God’s becoming flesh and dwelling among us. I have regaled listeners with stories of Jesus’ unworldly kindness, his taking the road less travelled, his healing, his miraculous […]

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All Is Gift 1

We may not realize it, but we see the world and people through certain lenses at all times. Perhaps we see through the lens of American culture. Perhaps we see through the lens of the family environment in which we grew up. Perhaps we see through the lens of shame or ego. The writer of James invites us to […]

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Treasure 4: Isn’t Life More?

In Matthew 6:25, Jesus asks, “Isn’t life more than food and the body more than clothing?” (CEB). If we were to adapt Jesus’ question into our time and place, it might go something like this: Isn’t life more than consuming? Simply put, isn’t life more? When we give, we don’t answer that question with a ho-hum yes. When […]

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Sandra McCracken is Coming to St. Mark’s

Sandra McCracken will play a free, outdoor concert on Friday June 7 at 8:30 p.m at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Carmel, Indiana. Sandra is an independent singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Her music is deeply spiritual, vibrantly creative and skillfully polished. Learn more about her at Sample her music at

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The Current Podcast

If you search for “The CurrentCast” in the iTunes store, you will find our podcast channel. Ross’ messages from our Sunday morning worship gatherings are available there. You can download individual podcasts, or you can subscribe so that new podcasts will automatically download to your library as they become available.

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