limit(less) 2: true image

If we were honest and self-reflective, the truth is that most of us can’t help but spend much of our time manicuring and managing an image for ourselves. We live as if we’re in the market for a public relations firm. If Jesus had a public relations firm, they would have advised him against doing […]

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All Is Gift 5: Money

Many of us know the story of the rich man who comes to Jesus and asks, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” What we might have missed is that Jesus eventually looks deeply and carefully inside this guy. It’s a rare thing that Jesus does (as this verb, emblepo, in this form only occurs […]

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All Is Gift 4: Freedom

We’ve been talking about how everything we have is a gift from God for us, for our neighbors, for the Eternal Kingdom. The most dangerous gift God ever gave was freedom–our ability to make free choices. God did that for the sake of real relationship. After all, if God forced us to make choices for […]

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All Is Gift 1

We may not realize it, but we see the world and people through certain lenses at all times. Perhaps we see through the lens of American culture. Perhaps we see through the lens of the family environment in which we grew up. Perhaps we see through the lens of shame or ego. The writer of James invites us to […]

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BASIX: Sharing Meals

The earliest believers were devoted to their shared meals. That was one of their basic practices for living out faith in Jesus. Its seems that God gave them special rest through their shared meals. God wants to do the same for us. Message from Sunday, October 4, 2015: The list of ten at the end of the […]

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At the Table: Risk

If we’re going to let others know they belong at Christ’s table, we’re going to have to get close and stay close (proximity), we’re going to have to be true to our identity in Christ (obedience), and then we’re going to have to… RISK. What is risk? What risks are we called to take share […]

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