BASIX: Community

Sometimes we feel like we want to quit humans. We interact with people, and we’re just done. We want to quit gathering. We want to quit community. Certainly many people feel that way about the community of faith, aka the church (local and global). Some (I hope all) are sick of corruption, abuse and injustice in the […]

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At the Table: Proximity

As we’ve talked about, God’s dream is that all people would find their fill at God’s eternal table. That is why Jesus Christ came into the world: to extend salvation to all people; to reconcile all people to God; to connect us all to God and each other at God’s feasting table. As we’ve been saying, it’s […]

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The Ancient Revolution 6: Communitas

The final thing that booming Jesus movements have demonstrated throughout time (according to Alan Hirsch) is communitas. Communitas is much like the english word that resembles it, community, but there’s more. Communitas is like “community plus.” It is community plus (or with) a shared ordeal or mission. Explosive Christian movements throughout time–like the one in the first century, like the […]

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The Ancient Revolution: Jesus Is Lord

In every explosive Jesus movement across time and space, there have been a few constants. In his book, The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch outlines those constants–what he calls the “mDNA”, or missional DNA, of Jesus movements. Obviously, if we’re talking about Jesus movements, aka the Church, the best place to start is with the first movement, the […]

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