X-MEN: the Glow of Heaven

In the summer months, there is a creature that is so common in the dark of night that we perhaps overlook its beauty. And yet we cannot overlook the firefly’s glow if we’re thinking about what it means to belong to Christ and be holy. The firefly is able to glow, in large part, because […]

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X-MEN: Unmasked

Living in the world can sometimes feel like a masquerade ball. We all can’t help but to wear our masks. We project a reality to people around us that doesn’t represent the truth. On the other hand, when we meet someone we sense is living unmasked, it leaves a lasting impression. The letter to the Colossians reflects a […]

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X-MEN: Holy Mutants

What do you think of when you hear the word “holiness”? There’s a chance you feel conflicted about it. In some circles Christianity, holiness has been a set of behaviors, what to do and what not to do, because God says so (which is not a bad reason to determine how you live, by the […]

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