Orlando: Fireworks and Hope

We lost 49 sacred lives recently in Orlando, Fla. We’ve lost too many lives. We’ve lost more today due to violence. Regrettably, we can be sure we’ll lose more tomorrow. When tragedy happens–when 49 people were murdered in Orlando–we tend to see a fireworks display. We see reactions: pundits, social media posts, memes, and so on. They’re […]

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BASIX: God’s Word

The Bible is often the source of some tension and frustration. We read it and find ourselves saying, There are contradictions (it seems)…God lacks compassion (in parts)…There’s so much violence…It’s hard to follow… Ultimately, we say, I don’t get it. Maybe that’s part of the problem: We’re determined to “get it.” Perhaps that’s not how the Bible works. The […]

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BASIX: Community

Sometimes we feel like we want to quit humans. We interact with people, and we’re just done. We want to quit gathering. We want to quit community. Certainly many people feel that way about the community of faith, aka the church (local and global). Some (I hope all) are sick of corruption, abuse and injustice in the […]

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