Images of God: Rainbow

The children’s version of the story of Noah and the Flood tends to be bright and cheery. Some bad things are happening. There’s a lot of rain (which is in some way connected to the bad things). God tells Noah to build a boat for himself, his family and a portion of creation. After Noah follows […]

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Images of God 1: Big and Close

Genesis 1:27 says,   God created humanity in God’s own image,         in the divine image God created them,             male and female God created them. The image of God. Christian writers–including the New Testament writers–fell in love with this concept. They became enamored, and still are, with the truth that humans are created in the image of […]

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limit(less) 2: true image

If we were honest and self-reflective, the truth is that most of us can’t help but spend much of our time manicuring and managing an image for ourselves. We live as if we’re in the market for a public relations firm. If Jesus had a public relations firm, they would have advised him against doing […]

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