Easter Eve Vigil (Holy Saturday)

Throughout the centuries, Easter Eve has been a day where the church invites people to to pray about the hurt in our lives and world. Will you join us for an Easter Eve Vigil? What: Easter Eve Vigil When: Saturday, April 15, 7:00 P.M. Where: St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, 4780 E 126th Street, Carmel, IN. Childcare […]

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Standing in Grace: Why Be Good

If you get on social media platform for even a short period of time these days, you will see different prescriptions for what we need to be doing to fix our problems and why each prescription is the right one (and others are wrong). Along these lines, the Apostle Paul faced a question from early Christian communities (and opponents) […]

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What do you think the root cause to our missing the mark is? Our nature as humans? Evil? Something else? In Slavery to Death, Richard Beck contends that it’s something else: fear of death. Do you buy that? It’s something to think about when we consider the earliest Christians. For instance, in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, […]


X-MEN: Unmasked

Living in the world can sometimes feel like a masquerade ball. We all can’t help but to wear our masks. We project a reality to people around us that doesn’t represent the truth. On the other hand, when we meet someone we sense is living unmasked, it leaves a lasting impression. The letter to the Colossians reflects a […]

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The Road Less Traveled 2

A lot of folks use the word “blessed” in a lot of different situations to mean a lot of different things. In fact, if you just take a trip over to Twitter and search #blessed, you’ll see some of the ways we consider ourselves “blessed.” But what if Jesus were using Twitter? What would be […]

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