The Difference 3

Sticking with family is tough sometimes. Sometimes, it’s nearly impossible. Sticking with the faith family is no different. Peter and co. felt that immediately after Jesus sent them on his mission and then left earth. They had to deal with dysfunction. They had to process Judas’s betrayal. Would they stay together and give of themselves to the […]

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The Ancient Revolution: Jesus Is Lord

In every explosive Jesus movement across time and space, there have been a few constants. In his book, The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch outlines those constants–what he calls the “mDNA”, or missional DNA, of Jesus movements. Obviously, if we’re talking about Jesus movements, aka the Church, the best place to start is with the first movement, the […]

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Jesus Calling 3 (with Tom Heaton)

In our third week of Jesus Calling, we wanted to focus on this: Following Jesus means we’re on a mission to share Jesus’ message and healing. Tom Heaton, the Executive Director of Mission Guatemala and ordained elder in the Indiana Conference of the UMC, knows about that mission. He also knows about what gets in the way of […]

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